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Welcome to CommonJS, a group with a goal of building up the JavaScript ecosystem for web servers, desktop and command line apps and in the browser.

This wiki is a starting point for collecting up ideas, any draft API suggestions for the CommonJS group. Discussions occur on that mailing list and on IRC (#commonjs on freenode).


Current Efforts

This is a list of issues currently being discussed / standardized. They come from the "Low level" department, as we need to have solid basics prior to building a tower.

  1. Uniform Baseline / Globals (discussion)
  2. Modules (1.1.1)
    1. binary: Binary Data Objects (byte arrays and/or strings) (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
    2. encodings: Encodings and character sets (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
    3. io: I/O Streams (proposals, discussion)
    4. fs, fs-base: Filesystem (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
    5. system: System Interface (stdin, stdout, stderr, &c) (1.0, amendments proposed)
    6. assert, test: Unit Testing (1.0, amendment proposals pending)
    7. sockets: Socket I/O TCP/IP sockets (early proposals)
    8. event-queue: Reactor Reactor/Event Queue (early proposals)
    9. worker: Worker Worker (concurrent shared nothing process/thread) (proposal)
    10. console: console (proposal)
  3. Packages (1.0)
  4. Package Mappings (proposal)
  5. Web Server Gateway Interface (JSGI) (proposals, discussion, early implementations)
  6. Promises (proposal)

Future Efforts

Low-level APIs

This is the collection of APIs that we'd like to see behaving consistently across JavaScript interpreters.

High-level APIs

This is the collection of APIs that implement common functionality on top of the low-level API.


Implementations Standards Proposals and standards in development

In development


Further Reading