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This page lists the various show of hands for points within the Binary/C proposal.

Blob and Buffer in what module:

A) Blob and Buffer in require('binary');
  • Kris Kowal
  • Ash Berlin
B) Blob in require('binary'); and Buffer in require('io');
  • Mario Valente
C) Blob and Buffer as globals
  • Kris Kowal
D) Blob as global and Buffer in require('io/buffer');
  • Daniel Friesen (MonkeyScript will provide global Blob whether it is standard or a non-standard addition)

Method parameter preference for new methods like .clear .fill .remove (methods based on existing js methods will keep the same parameters.

A) offset, length (used in .splice .substr)
  • Daniel Friesen
B) begin, end (used in .slice .substring, Java)
  • Kris Kowal
C) named arguments
  • Ash Berlin
C.1) x.remove({ from: 4, to: 5 });
  • Daniel Friesen (alt to A)
C.2) x.remove({ begin: 4, end: 5 });
C.3) x.remove({ start: 4, end: 5 });


A) Leave blob[idx] out of the standard (easier to implement in js-only rhino)
B) Require implementations to implement blob[idx] (Array (and string?) methods will work on blobs)

Property used on String, Blob, Buffer, Streams, and so on to refer to the mode it is running in (binary or text) by returning the String or the Blob constructor. (If you can think of a better name, just add a new item)

A) Content
  • Kris Kowal
B) Value
C) contentConstructor
  • Daniel Friesen
D) contentPrototype
E) content
F) value
G) Unit
H) Element