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Result oriented Software Architect with broad industry experience and proven abilities in Full Stack (i.e. n-tier) Software Development who enjoys his work. Skills Summary: 1. Web development:

 - JavaScript, CSS & HTML
 - Single Page Application with Angularjs, jQuery, knockout, Backbone, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, node, express, yeomen, bower, grunt, MEAN stack

2. Mobile web 3. Big Data and Big Data Analytics, db3, R, Mongodb 4. Server development (ntier): WebAPI, REST, Business (DDD), Data (ORM: Entity Framework, nHibernate, MicroOrm: Dapper), node 5. Database: SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL

My passion is the user experience regardless of the device being used. Whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone (Apple, Android, Window 8, etc.) the application must maintain a continuum of utility (ex Boilerplate, Bootstrap, etc.). The industry is moving requirements towards the browser and centering on HTML[5], JavaScript (ECMA 5, & 6, CommonJS) & CSS[3] requiring retooling (ex AMD, AngularJS, Backbone, Durandal, knockout, underscore, requirejs, TypeScript). I have excellent full stack experience both academically and, work experience to address today’s development needs and tomorrows.

I have successfully led two large scale SPA system development effort utilizing Angularjs & jQuery, full ntier stack using AGILE techniques. I can get you started, get you back on track, lead your development effort or be a individual contributor that requires no hand holding.

With over thirty plus years of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience I apply sound development practices to every project. I treat every project with an eye towards quality and extensibility. Total cost of ownership is my mantra.

I have a passion for developing world class Enterprise systems quickly and efficiently with minimum resources.

Industry Experience: Government: DoD, State, NSA. Commercial: Aerospace, Financial, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Sales.